Together, We Make Good Health Happen

“As part of Healthy Lompoc’s Safe Routes to School program, Walking Wednesdays were a great idea. Not only did my students look forward to seeing what was on the next dog tag incentive, but I found that the parents really enjoyed their time walking with their children.” ~Michelle Carroll, Teacher Miguelito Elementary
Where we live, work, play and learn influences our physical and mental health. There is much that can be done to create and maintain a healthy community in Lompoc. Communities that support people in making healthy choices help prevent chronic diseases and the resulting costs and complications. Healthier people produce greater economic outputs, consume fewer healthcare resources and lead better, longer lives. When you make healthy choices for you and your family, you are making the decision to live happier, healthier and longer. The same goes for a community. With healthy policy, infrastructure, activity and program choices, the entire community has the opportunity to live a healthier life. The Healthy Lompoc Coalition is a community group working to ensure people in Lompoc are guiding the decisions that help everyone achieve a better quality of life. Healthy living should be within reach of all people. The Coalition’s mission is to improve the health of the Lompoc Valley by increasing access to physical activity and healthy eating to reduce and prevent obesity. Our group brings together individuals, organizations, businesses and others across sector lines to recognize that a healthy community is a better community on virtually every measure of success. We’re helping to make the Lompoc community a better place to be, JOIN US!

Learn More About How We Work to Make Lompoc a Healthy Community

Healthier Food Access

Limited resources should not prohibit healthy eating.

We partner with LUSD to create a healthier food environment for children including salad bars and food cooked from scratch

The Coalition is part of the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County's local impact group and represents Lompoc in the Santa Barbara County Food Action Plan.

Walkability & Bikeability

Healthier environments produce healthy people.

The coalition has worked to include walkability and bikeability in the City of Lompoc's General Plan Update and sponsored the River Bend Bike Park

We educate the community and promote the benefits of using active transportation!

Health in All Policies

Making the healthy choice the easy choice.

The Healthy Lompoc Coalition successfully helped to pass the Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) Cities Campaign by the Lompoc City Council in 2012

Supporting the initiative to improve the health of all people by incorporating health considerations into decision-making in all policy areas.

Safe Routes to School (SRTS)

Improving the well-being of children by encouraging them to walk and bicycle to school.

We have brought in over $400,000 in grant funds to Lompoc to support SRTS

Our program currently serves 10 schools within the Lompoc Unified School District and 87% of children participated in the 2013 Walk to School Day!