Spring is here and the Easter Bunny is near! This year Easter falls on April 20 and Easter baskets have to rate as one of the best home-delivery systems for chocolate and other goodies. Thanks to the Easter Bunny, baskets show up in your home Easter morning brimming with pastel goodies. Digging through the basket is part of the fun. Chocolate bunnies, marshmallow chicks and jellybeans are just a few of the traditional favorites. But what else could you, or the Easter Bunny, put in those baskets that might make it a healthy and happy Easter? There are plenty of treats that will delight kids just as much as candy. Consider bubbles, coloring books, sidewalk chalk and Legos. These items inspire creativity and can be used for a long time after the holiday. Think about welcoming the warmer weather with a pair of new flip-flops, a beach towel, sunglasses or a hat. These are fun and sensible items that your kids will need as summer nears. You can’t go wrong with sporty items that get the entire family moving such as a soccer ball, discs (for disc golf), a paddle-ball set, jump rope or baseball gear. These things will come in handy all yearlong and whether you take your family to the park or just out in the backyard. Plus having these items makes it easier for the family to spend active time together. Sensible options to fill the seasonal basket are endless. A young boy or girl could enjoy a yo-yo, lip balm, a small book or nail polish. Perhaps include a few large raw carrots or brightly decorated hard-boiled eggs. When I was a child, my mother would include small bits of change in plastic eggs, leaving me rich with delight and what I thought was a lot of money. A few sweet treats on Easter is a part of the fun, but a bit less sugar would better for everyone. From now on, don’t make Easter baskets all about the candy. The surprises in those baskets can be anything! Get creative and tailor each basket to your child’s interests. You will find that the non-edible treats in the Easter basket offer the same rush of excitement for your children — without the sugar crash.